Don’t Be Hit Twice…Hire A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

10Walking is the simplest form of transportation a person can use to get from point A to point B. It is also the most vulnerable means of transportation. A pedestrian is at the mercy of the environment around them. Scores of pedestrians are killed every year in the United States, but the pedestrian is responsible for knowing and understanding the laws that govern transportation in the city that they live. Statutes in the United States always favor a person that is walking. However, vehicle operators seem to forget that people on foot are protected under the law ninety-nine percent of the time. A good pedestrian accident John Bales Attorneys will help remind these flagrant violators of the law that pedestrians still have right-of-way.

As the “hurry up and go” mentality of a fast pace society increases, pedestrian involved accidents will continue to climb. One such case in Lawrence, New Jersey, involving a fifty-one year old, Othon Roman-Uriostegui, is a clear example of how vulnerable pedestrian s are. After having some drinks at McGuinn’s Irish Pub, Othon was struck by a car as he crossed the street in front of the bar. It is important to point out that the victim in this tragic accident was reported to be intoxicated.

The suit filed by the family of Othon is two-fold. On one hand, the family places blame with pub saying that the bartender allowed him to become inebriated, rendering Othon a safety hazard to himself and others around him. Additionally, the family of the deceased places blame on the driver of the vehicle Carolyn Fuessel, claiming that she was operating a motor vehicle recklessly. The attorney representing the family of Othon, also claimed that the intersection at the center of this case was poorly maintained, therefore causing the walkways surrounding this bar was unsafe for anyone walking.


In the case of fifty-one year old Othon Roman-Uriostegui, some valuable lessons can be learned. The most important being that drug and alcohol intoxication is even deadly when you are walking. Moreover, you can be arrested for public intoxication in every city in the U.S., no matter how relaxed the drinking laws may be. Individuals operating motor vehicles should always be aware of their surroundings, especially if they are driving through an area, they know has bars and other establishments that serve alcohol. In areas like this, there is a higher potential to have pedestrians that are not paying attention to their surroundings, similar to what you would see in a residential neighborhood with children.

Depositphotos_36839287_m-2015-300x200A commendable pedestrian accident lawyer can provide further insight into the laws concerning public intoxication. They can also shine a light on the laws that pertain to navigating a city on foot. These specialized personal injury attorneys will be able provide worthy counsel that can properly guide you, should you find yourself needing an advocate.

When choosing an attorney to fight for you, keep a few things in mind. In this site you can find a lot of information The most important of which is; this attorney should practice pedestrian accident law explicitly. Additionally, you should always choose an attorney that practices law in the area of the accident. A local attorney will probably be familiar with legal personalities such as, prosecutors and judges.

Don’t be hit twice by the same accident. Contact an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer immediately.
















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