ET Startup Awards 2020: Samunnati reaps benefits for tackling big challenges

ET Startup Awards 2020: Samunnati reaps benefits for tackling big challenges

Anilkumar SG. Founder & CEO | Samunnati


Samunnati ended up being the overwhelming range of the jury within the social enterprise category for the sheer scale and complexity for the challenges that the nonbanking finance business (NBFC) is wanting to tackle in agricultural finance through its distinctive market-linkage model.

The fintech loan provider, which runs within the niche intersection of agri technology and finance, has disbursed loans well well worth over Rs 4,200 crore, serving 4 million little farmers across 112 districts in the united states since its inception in 2014.

“It really is difficult not to ever acknowledge the scale of Samunnati versus the other people here. It is simply running at an extremely various scale,” said an associate associated with the jury. The panel acknowledged not only just just what this has accomplished, but in addition the prospective for growth.

The business’s social goals in bridging the credit space through efficient utilization of technology also aligns because of the federal federal federal government’s monetary addition mandate through various schemes of Digital Asia.

Founder and CEO Anil Kumar, a veteran banker with more than 27 several years of experience, stated the NBFC has followed an approach that is growth-oriented enable the agriculture community.

“If this recognition for Samunnati inspires a generation of young entrepreneurs to go into the company of farming finance, that could be the maximum acknowledgment for all of us,” he said, adding that the marketplace for development and producing significant social effect is endless. Continue reading

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