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I would need a mentor.One of the other requirements is a mentor, someone experienced in the field I would be researching to teach me how to do XYZ and make sure I’m actually progressing and getting a satisfactory result. From what I know, most of the experienced hackers are quite busy being university students/adults, so I’d hate to take time out of their lives to help me work on a project that, for them, is probably just a hobby.

This can also help with the mentor bit, as there are plenty of people that hang around there that are willing and able to help beginner ROMhackers get started. Well, it all depends on how motivated and willing to learn you are. Assuming this is a larger ROM hack, you’d likely want to learn buildfiles instead of using FEBuilderGBA. That’s not to say you couldn’t use FEBuilder, but debugging issues that you find can cause you to have to revert to backups from days or even weeks ago.

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Websites like these will allow you to have the ROM document you require, as well as supplying you with every one of the guidelines on how to get it done. The great point regarding utilising an on the web ROMHacks website is that you simply can actually test it out first before purchasing this, this way you’ll in case the web-site offers the details that you desire. Additionally, it may save you time and effort and money. If it were just a normal ROM hack, I wouldn’t say that a mentor is either desirable or necessary, but you could probably find one on the discord. Thanks to FEBuilder, you don’t have to have any experience at all with coding to make a hack.

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That said, you would have to learn at least the bare minimum of how assembly code works if you wanted to make an expansive hack and not a reskin. It has information on pretty much anything you’d need to create a ROM hack. If you’re confused about anything, just roms gameboy advance pokemon pop in Discord and ask. I’d say a good place to start would be joining the Discord server, so that you’re able to get ahold of people if and when you need help with anything.

I’m thinking to use a subfolder that will work just fine but I think it would be cool to be able to open an option menu on a rom to select an alternate. Later versions of the SM64 Editor will put the music memory pool in extended memory, which is safe to use. Please do not store data within 0x8038F800-0x803FFFFF if you want your hack to be compatible.

The Trussell Trust runs the largest network of food banks in the UK, giving emergency food and support to people in crisis. Fourteen million people live below the poverty line and in the last year 1,9 million three-day emergency food supplies were distributed to people in crisis. yeah it would be a great improvement if romhacks were sorted in different folders, or have them seperately listed one way or another.

Older versions of the SM64 Editor moved the sound allocation to address 0x803D0000. The problem with using that address is that the region from 0x8038F800 to 0x803FFFFF is constantly being overwritten with the game’s framebuffer, so any data that gets stored within that region will be erased immediately. Some graphic plugins for Project64, like jabo’s, have the option of writing the framebuffer to memory turned off by default, which is probably why this was not caught earlier.

My school has all the seniors do a big, semester long project on a topic of their choosing during the last semester of their high school life. I expressed interest in making an FE ROM hack for my project, now there are a lot of problems here, so I’ll just try and list them. In order to avoid having issues when attempting employ some sort of Pokemon Emerald Rom hack, make sure that you understand how to produce these hackers in the first place. They will also let you know which ones are nearly all suitable for any system in addition to the ones are generally not.

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