Seems harsh, i understand, but ladies need to realize that this is the way guys think!

Seems harsh, i understand, but ladies need to realize that this is the way guys think!

Consider you ever tried to get you to have sex with another man about it: has any man that has actually genuinely cared? Didn’t think therefore.

After which there’s the story that is second. The girl states that Europeans are very “non-judgmental” when it comes to sex, and that is just what she needed for her first threesome at the end of her venture. Sorry to function as bearer of somewhat news that is bad but dudes are alike all over. It is more likely that the 2 males whom she had been enabling to sleep as beneficial for their situation to pass much judgment on her in the midst of their hot and steamy threesome.So here’s the thing; I understand that everyone’s life path is different, and we all go through different things at different points in our lives, and our experiences make us the people we are today, and yadda, yadda, ya… all that being said, this blog is supposed to inform women in a “no frills” approach as to how men think with her didn’t see it. And men often genuinely believe that a girl that has slept with a lot of males (especially is several of those times consist of numerous males simultaneously!) is not always near the top of their selection of “Perfect 10’s to decide on From”. Some females may get mad and think: “Why should that count as being a negative hit against me personally? I’m therefore alot more compared to the true quantity of men I’ve slept with!”

And you’re right, you might be. But it’s nevertheless a factor that is extremely important the eyes of guys… and women.

In reality, females may be more harsh than males in terms of intercourse count and sex. It’s a different one of these situations very often includes those blinders of convenience I referred to back Myth#1. We girl will likely not wait to label another feminine a “slut”, or “trashy”, or phone her a “whore” if we understand of her intimate trysts, yet with regards to our personal intercourse life, inside our eyes you will find constantly reasons and excuses that enable or interactions with men to flee through some unique loophole that passes around those labels — they simply don’t connect with us, only them. Continue reading

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