Well, IDK about you out there nevertheless when i am “CRAZY” with people

Well, IDK about you out there nevertheless when i am “CRAZY” with people

In addition they actually knows exactly how also injured a persons sensation, I know if your in a connection these specific things will occurred

The guy and I also outdated for 8 several months on and off. He always said the guy best wanted to end up being buddies then again would have disappointed and jealous over another guy. He could be a my bff’s cousin so he’d have to “discover” a picture of every “new guy” I went with. He’d practically inquire the woman to transmit your an image over the phone.. sigh immediately after which however call me up-and act like he had been delighted for me but then become envious and say some thing mean.. (you all know what responses are formulated when someone try jealous). Snotty commentary.. = p

Better anyways.. I would always run back once again to him in which he would toss this “friend” thing on me personally once more and again..

Sooo, At long last told your “goodbye” and this also opportunity forever.. he got very annoyed beside me over this and was actually their typical A** gap self.. (He treated me very defectively to be truthful) then needed to call-up my personal bff (their relative) as well as say anything regarding it.. We advised your i’d not become their buddy in spite of this he had gotten truly upset.. He reported to this lady that i mightn’t even stay their pal..

Therefore not too long ago he previously their ex partner of 10yrs easily reappear in the lives (which he much liked anyways) as he was buying a home

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